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flat pack container




Diamond plate flooring for Flat Pack Containers offers a combination of durability and safety. The rugged metal surface, featuring a distinctive diamond pattern, ensures slip resistance and can withstand heavy use in various settings. When integrated into Flat Pack Containers, this flooring solution provides a robust, non-slip foundation for applications such as mobile workshops, portable storage units, and temporary workspaces, making it an ideal choice for industries that require both reliability and portability.



The Elite Self Storage locking system is tailor-made for storage companies, equipped with a dedicated pad-lock section. The integrated locking mechanism serves as an invaluable addition, bolstering the security of every flat-pack container. This enhanced locking solution not only ensures peace of mind but also reinforces the overall protection and safety of stored items, making it an essential choice for storage providers looking to safeguard their clients' belongings effectively.



Our Flat Pack Containers come equipped with durable OSB flooring as a standard feature. This flooring, proudly made in Germany, offers a robust and reliable solution for various applications. With the ability to withstand substantial wear and tear, it provides a solid foundation for the containers, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. Whether for storage, transportation, or other purposes, the inclusion of German-made OSB flooring ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind in the face of demanding conditions.



Incorporating European-style door handles into Flat Pack Containers offers a user-friendly and elegant solution for effortlessly opening and closing these containers. These handles provide a touch of sophistication while also enhancing practicality, making access to the container's interior a seamless and ergonomic experience. Whether for commercial or residential use, the European-style door handles are a valuable addition, ensuring that the operation of flat pack containers is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



Wheel receiver dollies serve as a versatile tool for effectively maneuvering Flat Pack Containers. To enable this functionality, a wheel receiver kit needs to be added to the container's chassis. This kit is an essential addition, allowing for the seamless attachment of wheel receiver dollies and, in turn, streamlining the mobility and transportation of Flat Pack Containers. With this setup in place, the containers become more agile and easier to reposition, making them a valuable asset for industries and businesses that require flexible and efficient container handling.



The diamond plate steel ramp serves as a highly practical solution for effortlessly maneuvering wheeled equipment into a Flat-Pack Container. Designed with precision, the ramp features an angle that seamlessly aligns with the container's bottom door sill, ensuring a level surface for easy loading and unloading. Not only does it provide a secure and reliable pathway, but its lightweight design also facilitates effortless mobility and storage when not in use, making it a convenient and versatile asset for businesses and individuals seeking efficient container access solutions.

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